Free Pajama Pant Patterns

FREE Pajama Pant Sewing Patterns For Beginners

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Below you’ll find my top picks for beginner-friendly Pajama Pant Patterns.

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Free Pajama Pant Pattern for Beginners

The Absolute Best Sewing Pattern for Beginners!

5 out of 4 put together everything you need to know to create the perfect custom fit pajama pants.

From detailed instructions to a full range of sizes, you’ll be able to make a pair of these for the whole family!

This pattern features:

  • XXS to 5XL
  • Detailed instructions that are super beginner-friendly
  • Adjustments for shortening or lengthening
  • Pockets!

Free Pajama Pant Pattern for Women

This pattern is specifically designed for women!

No baggy uni-sex pants here. These were specially designed by Melissa Lin to flatter the female body.

They feature:

  • A tapered leg
  • A flattering rise in the back
  • Just 1 pattern piece!
  • XS- 2XL

Free Pajama Pant Pattern For the Whole Family

Best Step-by-Step Photo instructions!

This pattern + instructions are so well done, it almost feels like you’re in a sewing class!

If you need photos to really understand what’s happening then this is the pattern for you.

This pattern features:

  • Just 1 pattern piece
  • Fabric Saving Hack
  • Option to add Pockets!
  • 2T – Adult XL

FREE Pajama Pant Pattern For Beginners From Vintage Sheet

Fastest and Most Eco Pajama Pant Pattern!

This pattern shows how to use the finished edge of a sheet to make these pajama pants even faster!

If you’re into upcycling and vintage shopping, then be sure to check this pattern out.

This pattern features:

  • 15 minutes + 3 seams to a finished pair of pants
  • Trace a pair of existing pants

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