DIY Headband - Beginner Sewing Project

Ready to make some DIY Headbands?

When you’re first starting to sew, it’s important to get comfortable with your machine. This quick and easy project will not only give you some hands-on practice, but it will also give you a fun #MeMade accessory to go with your soon-to-be #MeMade clothing!

That’s one of my favorite things about sewing my own clothes.

I can always make matching accessories from the leftover fabric!

One fabric, so many options!

First, I made this sweet striped shirt.

Then I thought, “Oh, that’d be cute to make a matching zippered pouch for my pencils!”

#MeMade Undies

Then I paired the striped fabric with some pink elastic and…

Voila! Some adorable homemade undies!

Matching Shirt and Quarantine Mask

And th,en since I needed a mask for quarantine, I figured it might as well match my shirt. 😛

But I’m getting ahead of myself! This post is all about headbands.

So for your headband, you’ll need the following supplies:

Supplies List for Making a DIY Headband

Once you have all of your supplies together, tune into my How-To Video below!

So, did you finish your headband?


Be sure to head to my FB Group to share your incredible project. I’m always excited to cheer you on in your #MeMade journey.

Now that you’ve made one headband, how about making some matching sets of headbands and…

DIY Headband and Pajama Pants
Matching Headband and Pajama Pants

What could be more fun than throwing on a matching Pajama and Headband set for bedtime?

Check out my How To Sew Pajama Pants – For Beginners to make yours now!

Zippered Pouch - How To Sew A Zipper
Matching Headband and Zippered Pouch

Or maybe you’re a little weird like me and like having your work accessories match your outfit.

This easy How To Sew a Zippered Pouch – For Beginners project also shows you step-by-step how to sew a zipper!

Learn a new skill AND make a matching set of accessories?

Yes, please!

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