Primary Colors in my DIY Closet

So, it’s 2020 and I’m officially working on creating a 100% #MeMade wardrobe.

Since I’ve been sewing for over a decade it seems like I would have done something like this already but here we are.


I want to be very specific about what clothes I’m making this year. I’ve found quite often that if I simply choose fabric and patterns that I like without thinking about how they’ll work with my other clothes, I end up spending a lot of time and energy creating clothes that I don’t actually enjoy wearing.


And, I keep seeing all of these new “Capsule Wardrobes” being talked about and honestly, the idea is really appealing. A small number of clothing options that all work together so that

  1. I have fewer things to make
  2. I don’t have that awkward moment when getting dressed and nothing matches/goes together
  3. I actually feel like I look put together/fashionable

So naturally, being the super type A that I am, I researched about a million different free Capsule Wardrobe guides.

Wanna try a Capsule Wardrobe for yourself? Here are a few that I’m currently working through:

But after reading through a bunch of these, I still didn’t really understand how to pick my next outfit to make.

For me, I’ve already pared down my wardrobe to just the basics. I moved abroad and only brought the necessities. So while most of these assume you have a huge closet that just needs to be reduced to the pieces you love and that work together, I don’t feel like that’s quite where I am.

So, instead, I took pictures of all my clothes and put them on a PowerPoint slide.

I really didn’t realize that I only wear a few colors.

Obviously black and white are basics/neutrals but in general, I love color. So I really only wear black and white to balance out the things I really like.

And apparently I really like:

I think that most of us probably have just a few colors we wear over and over again without realizing it.

So if you’re deciding to be more intentional about the clothes you wear, then try this out.

You don’t have to take pictures of all your clothes. Maybe just take a picture of your whole closet and try to pick out what the major colors you see in most of your pieces.

You could even try organizing by color and see if that helps make it more obvious what your go to colors are.

Now I’m not saying that you have to only wear these colors for the rest of forever. But, knowing which colors you already have in your wardrobe should make it easier to decide on what other colors you can add that will actually mix and match with the pieces you already own.

That’s the real difference between making your own clothes and buying them.

It takes longer and means you’re putting more time and energy into it. It’s not just show up and try a million things until you find one that works.

I really think this process of being aware of what I already wear, then figuring out what I can add to it is going to make things much easier.

What do you think?

How do you add new items to your closet?

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