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Hi! My name's Abbie...

and I cannot wait to help you start sewing your dream clothes!

Now, I know the idea of sewing clothes can be super intimidating but I promise that you have the talent and ability to do this.

How do I know?

Because I was just like you. I didn’t know anyone else who was making clothes, sewing patterns looked like a foreign language, and I was scared to death of cutting into my nice pretty fabric.

But I took a deep breath and tried it anyway!

Now I’ve been sewing for over 10 years and I’m on a mission to sew an entirely #MeMade wardrobe this year.

Are you ready to take a deep breath and join me on this #MeMade wardrobe journey?

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Your Step-by-Step guide to #MeMade Clothes!

I’ve made an easy to follow guide that takes you from absolute beginner to DIY designers without confusion.

Using this framework, I’ll give you monthly projects to build your skills and your #MeMade wardobe. You’ll always know exactly what step comes next and in just 2 months you could be wearing your first #MeMade outfit!

But this super powerful tool is only available in my Exclusive Membership! 

This membership is currently is Beta, which is just a fancy way of saying I’m still testing it. 

And that is great news for you!

If you’d like to work directly with me and a small group of fellow designers to create this Membership you will get:

  • Exclusive small group coaching with me
  • LIVE Q+A to ensure your success
  • Beta Member Discounts
  • Start saying “Thanks, I made it” before anyone else!

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Prefer to learn on your own?

It takes a little longer but learning to sew on your own is definitely do-able!

I’ve put some of my best blog posts for beginner’s below to get you jump started!

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